About us

We have four pillars in our organization with the common goal to provide full service to medium-sized and large companies. These four pillars are Consulting Services, Project Management, Training Services and Business Coaching. They all together allow us to become highly flexible, efficient and fast reacting partner of your company.

Our continuously expanding professional team consists of independent experts with broad senior management experience gained in various positions at multinational companies from Finance through Supply Chain till HR. Our management team has extensive 20+ year experience from the field of IT, Telecommunication, FMCG, air industry, bank sector and pharmaceutical industry.

Based on this extensive and solid experience we are able to manage complex processes: e.g. complete organizational changes or transitions, outsourcing of international, multi-language processes, or an implementation of a shared service center. As we can provide all the expertise you may require to your projects, we can manage the complete process from the first to the very last step with one single point of contact.

Up to now we have implemented projects in more than 40 countries and successfully executed them from the planning to the monitoring and controlling phase. We provide our services mainly in English and in Hungarian. Our training associates can support you in creating all the training materials, and conduct all the trainings required to adapt the new processes to your company. We always provide you the appropriate expert with an experience relevant to your current ERP system, workflow or process.

We are efficient and flexible and are able to execute a project in the shortest possible timeframe (considering the critical path) in the highest quality.

If you have any question, please contact us. We are happy to answer within the shortest period of time.